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Miscellaneous Videogame Characters


Taki, Cammy, Nina Williams, or Lara Croft. Whoever you like to play with in virtual spandex will be found here.

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From Soulcalibur, Soul Edge, and Soulcalibur Legends - Taki is often found in her signature red unitard accented with armor.

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From Darkstalkers / Vampire - Morrigan is only found in her signature thong stretch leathery leotard over her bat tights.

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Chun Li


From Street Fighter, the first lady of fighting games is often seen in two costumes. Her original which often has shiny nylons under a full bottom leotard hidded in a dress. The second is a tank top unitard with stripes down the sides.

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From Street Fighter - Cammy is oftenseen in a thong leotard.

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Mortal Kombat Girls


Kitana, Jade, Mileena, Sonya, & Sindel - The ladies of Mortal Kombat will fight to the death!

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